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Rainbow Six: Siege

Skaparna av Rainbow Six: The Board Game ber om mer pengar

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Mythic Games drog in närmare 18 miljoner kronor via Kickstarter för att kunna realisera brädspelet baserat på Ubisofts ultrapopulära shooter Rainbow Six: Siege men det räckte tydligen inte, eftersom det krigas i Ukraina. Nu ber Mythic om mer pengar för att kunna färdigställa produkten och det handlar inte om någon liten struntsumma, heller. Om du vill ha spelet du redan backat krävs det nu att du slungar upp ytterligare 400 kronor för standardutgåvan och hela 1000 kronor mer för samlarutgåvan av brädspelet 6: Siege.

"The combined crises of COVID and the war in Ukraine, which we had not anticipated, have changed the international situation. Prices have literally exploded in all areas, and the estimates on which we based ourselves before and during the Kickstarter campaign are absolutely no longer relevant. To give you some examples, the cost of paper and cardboard has increased by 50 to 100% on average (the paper we use for example has gone from $600 per ton to $1200 per ton), the cost of labor in China where our games are produced, assembled and shipped has also doubled from $4 to $8 per hour. The cost of energy, plastic and raw materials has increased by almost 50%. Finally, while container fees have recently dropped from their ridiculous highs (but not back to pre-crisis prices), the cost of the Last Mile has skyrocketed and has never been higher. On our side, it must be said, we spent much more than expected in the development of the game, with more people than we expected working on it and longer than we originally estimated (which caused extra costs, but also has the advantage of having an optimal, well-tested, varied and balanced game in the end)." Här kan du donera mer pengar

Rainbow Six: Siege

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