F1 2017

Ny trailer visar upp snabba bilar i F1 2017

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Det officiella F1-spelet släpps mycket snart och för att fira det visar Codemasters nu upp en färsk trailer, som du givetvis kan se precis här nedan.

Lee Mather, creative director, pratar lite om spelet: "We know our fans have loved seeing the classic cars being revealed in the recent weeks, but we know they also want to see the new cars in action as well. The 2017 cars present their own unique challenge as they are incredibly fast but wider and heavier than before, therefore we have had to completely rework the physics system to refine the balance between aerodynamics and tyre grip. Taking on Monaco is always a test of your skills and now we have added the ability to take to these iconic streets at night in both modern day and classic F1 cars. We think our fans are going to love it."

F1 2017

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