Rainbow Six: Siege

Luminosity Gaming deltar i Rainbow Six Siege Pro League

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Luminosity Gaming kommer delta i Rainbow Six Siege Pro League, det meddelades via en post på den officiella hemsidan:

"We've been very impressed by the development of the R6S Pro League. Not only the viewership but the approach Ubisoft has taken to creating a stable esport. The ecosystem is one that supports healthy growth for players and organisations alike. We couldn't have asked for a better team to enter the scene with. We're excited to watch them soar under the Luminosity banner with the level of support they've earned."

Laget spelar nu på torsdag, den 27:e juni mot Team Reciprocity, och är du intresserad av det kan du kolla in på Rainbow Six: Sieges Twitchkanal.

Rainbow Six: Siege

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