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Gamertag: Becker SWE

2nd account: Becker SWE 2
99% of time, kids are playing on this Gamertag, so I highly recommend you use main GT to PM me.

Forza, Forza, Forza. And then some Forza, again...
It has it's flaws, Forza, but still a fun game.

If I don't Forza? If something makes me pissed off I get onto NHL or Halo.

1. Chooses the Unlimited Ammo Skull.
2. Goes bananas.
Tackles=Hard and/or very frequent.
Penalties=Also tend to be quite high.

In gaming I have clan/club/team:
B13 VG R
Stands for:
B13 VideoGaming Racing

Opened for everyone.
Casuals, Hardcores, Noob...

Want to stand for a shift in the sometimes toxic world of gaming;

•Everyone helps everyone.
Example: You got plenty stuff and won't need it all. Help someone asking for help.

•Playing fair.
Not to cheat.
Well, not on purpose;
Sometimes you find a glitch or something by mistake and shouldn't be judged by that. Difference is if you keep doing same thing over and over, time and time again. That's exploiting that glitch/cheat. That's cheating!

•Play fair.
Again? Heres why:
Not to teamkill on purpose, or punt (acting like a torpedo into turns) players during racing games.

•Have fun!
What's the meaning to do it, if it aint fun?
For an example:
I hate the "Games"(tag, virus etc) in FH.
So instead I don't care for them at all.
Ends up in me driving in circles, doing donuts or just rubberbanding my controller and do something else;
making sandwishes,
something to drink,
go to toilet
doing some random stuff on phone until weekly Forzathon Games are done.

If it wouldn't be for Forzathon Weekly I'd NEVER(!!!) touch that gamemode.
Having said that, I sometimes (extremely rare, like highest lottery win, twice) do the actual Games objective.
But, as mentioned, it's super-duper-extremely-rare.

Anyway, this tends to be far to long so just ask if you're wondering something.
I'll try my best to answer.
For highest possibility to answer, send PM to my gamertag on XB:
Becker SWE


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