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JUN 917:00 CESTUploadVR Summer Showcase
JUN 920:00 CESTSummer Game Fest
JUN 1000:00 CESTDevolver Digital
JUN 1019:00 CESTNetflix Geeked Week Gaming
JUN 1021:00 CESTTribeca Games Spotlight
JUN 1117:00 CESTGuerrilla Collective 3
JUN 1118:30 CESTWholesome Direct
JUN 1121:00 CESTFuture Game Show
JUN 1219:00 CESTXbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022
JUN 1221:30 CESTPC Gaming Show
JUN 1322:00 CESTGuerrilla Collective 3.5
JUN 1400:00 CESTCapcom Showcase
JUN 1419:00 CESTXbox Games Showcase Extended

Game On - Summer Events News - Gamereactor

E3 might be on hiatus until at least 2023, but the tradition of summer showcases unveiling what's to come in terms of the most exciting new games by studios and publishers both big and small just can't stop. Similarly to previous years, there will be digital shows of different sizes and for different tastes or platforms, and you'll be able to find all the news, previews, videos, interviews, and gameplay clips here at Gamereactor. Take a look at the schedule above so you don't miss any of the events, be that the longer Summer Game Fest and Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, to the different indie-focused presentations. Besides, other than some companies who are waiting until later this year such as Ubisoft, or perhaps are favouring to dilute their news among the different shows such as Square Enix, we're expecting to update this space very soon with the likes of Nintendo Direct, Sony's PlayStation Showcase and... Embracer perhaps?



Game On - Summer Events - Gamereactor Videos





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Detta är vad Scorn kräver av din dator

Detta är vad Scorn kräver av din dator

Skrivet av Jonas Mäki den 14 juni 2022 kl 10:11

Skräckfesten Scorn visades äntligen upp på Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, och inte nog med det, det fick även ett datum för lanseringen. Nu kan du också förbereda din...


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