Dbltap releases a guide for brands looking to get into esports

Including the fans, players, and games.

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Dbltap, an esports property of media company Minute Media, has recently published a guide for brands in the growing world of esports, and the study had some interesting revelations, especially about engagement, allowing brands to take a closer look at what esports is currently like right now.

The report, which can be found here, reveals that esports fans often don't consume traditional media, and can instead be found mostly on "niche gaming forums" and Facebook, with 63% of Dbltap fans consuming content via this platform. What's more is that 64% of Dbltap millenials are active gamers, playing more than twice a week, with three-quarters of this same group considering themselves as gamers.

Dbltap also outlines five things that brands need to know about esports too, including the fact that each game varies in size and scope; fans are spread out across a variety of platform; traditional sports are moving into esports; there is plenty of opportunity for brands; and that the rules of storytelling that has applied in traditional sports can still apply here.

What do you think brands should know about esports?

Dbltap releases a guide for brands looking to get into esports

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