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Automobilista 2

Circuit de Barcelona kommer till Automobilista 2 inom kort

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Reiza Studios fenomenala simracingtitel Automobilista 2 förgylldes precis med en 70-tals-version av Nordslingan och innan vi ens hunnit klämma lite på den historiska dragningen har studion meddelat att de avser rulla ut Circuit de Barcelona (Catalunya) den 4:e juni. Detta ser vi på redaktionen väldigt mycket fram emot och hoppas att ryktet om att ännu nästa (nya) bana som kommer att släppas blir Mugello Raceway.

"Following a long stint of time travelling, for the next release the track team is back to modern days for a very modern racetrack - Circuit de Barcelona is expected to arrive with a late May update, just in time for the Spanish GP. Barcelona will be the bonus sixth Premium Track we alluded to in previous dev updates, and as a standalone DLC the price is estimated at US$ 6.99 / 5.99€ - it will however also be included free of extra charge to the 2020-2022 Season Pass and to the Premium Track Pack. A staple on the F1 calendar since 1991, the Barcelona circuit has been a favorite among teams to test and develop their cars due to its mix of long mid and high-speed corners, making it an ideal testbed to gauge and develop their aerodynamic performance. For the 2023 Grand Prix the track is reverting to the pre-2007 layout, opting out of the unpopular tight chicane at the end of the lap for the two ultra-fast right-handers that cars used to tackle back in the day before entering the long 1km long home straight.

Barcelona will become the tenth modern GP circuit in AMS2, which means we are edging close to having 50% of the 2023 calendar being represented in the sim; in terms of layout accuracy, that ratio is sustained virtually for all of the last 40 years of the sport. By the end of 2023, those figures will be at or above 50% over 50 years, with similar strike ratios for many of the most prestigious classes in motorsports history, from Group C to GT1 on to modern IMSA and GT World Challenge - not bad for a sim supposedly focused on Brazilian motorsports!"

Automobilista 2
Spansk briljans den 4:e juni!

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