British Esports Association reveals parents guide to esports

This aims to educate parents around the various aspects of esports, providing resources for them to use as well.

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The not-for-profit organisation called The British Esports Association has revealed a brand new guide to educate and inform parents about esports and competitive gaming, covering all bases about joining teams, career options, the benefits of esports, exercise guidance, and more.

The guide also provides links to other advice like downloadable resources and how schools have benefitted from the British Esports Championships, which has just kicked off Season 1 of the 2019/20 season this month.

Tom Dore, British Esports Association head of education, commented: "Esports is an exciting activity that many young people have an inherent understanding of, however, the same is not always true for their parents or other adults."

"The esports industry is growing exponentially around the world, but is still a relatively new phenomenon so it is not surprising that some parents don't really know what it is, what its benefits are or how to best support their children who are getting involved with esports."

"We are continuing to engage with charities, education groups and parent-focused organisations such as the NSPCC, MumsNet, TES and ParentZone, to help educate all appropriate stakeholders around this. "

"We hope our parents guide helps people to understand the world of esports, the benefits and opportunities it provides and how young people can have fun taking part with their friends safely."

You can find the guide here. Is this a good way to educate parents?

British Esports Association reveals parents guide to esports
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